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You can expect great things from us!

I created this place for everybody who has a business, wants one or got stuck with the one they have and wants to grow.

You will find information for becoming a beginner bartender or how to manage and grow your visibility in the market. You will find information on how to make more money with your menu and how to manage your team.

Business growth

Here you will find everything about the management of your team, how to make your menu more profitable and make more money by recycling. We made sure we covert a lot of subjects with our articles.

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A bartender in the “making”

I put together the basics of being a bartender. Some musts that you need, basic techniques and some basic recipes.

You will find other articles that will help in your career as well.

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My “mixes”

You will find here a list of some of my special mixes or drinks that I added a twist to.

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Our services

Why to pick us for taking care of your business and what can we offer.

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Bar concept

Founded in 2020 by Alina Petcu, “Bar concept” is a place where you can find information on how to be a bartender or grow your business.

Do you have questions about us?

email: alinamaria.business@gmail.com

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