3 All Passion Fruit Cocktails

We all like a theme party, and for us today is all with the delicious passion fruit!

Enjoy our 3 mixes!

If you feel overwhelmed by the techniques or terms that we are using check out the free course on bartending. 

Let’s get to it! 

Old fashion passion!


  • 50 ml bourbon 
  • 25 ml passion fruit syrup
  • 2 dashes angostura bitters 
  • Big cube of ice 
  • Garnish: orange peel


  • Rocks glass
  • Bar spoon

The how to 

In your glass add the bourbon, passion fruit syrup and angostura bitters, give it a stir. Add your ice cube. Squeeze your orange peel on top of the glass and leave it in your glass.

A passion for gin


  • 50 ml gin
  • 1 fresh passion fruit 
  • 25 lime juice 
  • Tonic water
  • Ice 
  • Garnish: half of a passion fruit 


  • Shaker
  • Cocktail strainer
  • Tea strainer
  • Martini glass

The how to 

In your shaker add the gin, the seeds from one hole passion fruit, lime juice and ice. Shake well, double strain it over ice in your glass. Top the glass with your tonic. Garnish with a half passion fruit that has the seeds in.



  • 50 ml coconut rum
  • 75 ml coconut milk
  • Seeds from 1 passion fruit 
  • Ice 
  • Garnish: Passion fruit syrup


  • Shaker 
  • Cocktail strainer
  • Tea strainer
  • Collins glass

The how to 

In your shaker add the rum, coconut milk, the passion fruit seeds and ice. Shake well. Decorate the glass with your syrup and add ice. Double stain in your glass.

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