How to benefit from the Corona crisis

Yes, you can benefit from this crisis. Creativity is the limit and with a “will do” mindset you will be unstoppable. 

In my recent trip to Germany I saw a difference in how they manage their businesses in comparison to The Netherlands. 

There were some regulations in The Netherlands on what a bar, restaurant, cafe should have but they weren’t as drastic. As an owner you can make the rules for your place so a lot of them did. In the beginning you had to pay from 2 to 5 euros for the “extra cleaning measurements”. Now isn’t this a lot of bullish? The place where you go to eat, drink, and have a desert is supposed to be clean and well maintained! You basically paid for the use of the disinfectant. This didn’t last long, because people complained and rightfully so. 

Another difference from Germany is the mask enforcement. You have to wear your mask if moving in the restaurant(coming in, going out), going from your table to use the toilet. The waiters and bartenders, the chefs in open kitchens are wearing them as well. They have masks or face shields. I find face shield friendlier, you do start missing people faces.

I was surprised to see how fast people compiled with the rules in Germany. They do have their anti-Corona supporters, but we are not here to discuss this(worth mentioning tho, cuz in today’s society you have to be very specific not to get bashed around and even then you will get some hate).

Coming back to: how to profit from corona. Here are 3 ideas.

1. Have personalized masks, face shields- corona apparel. 

It is part of your uniform so it will be nice to see a nice designed mask with your establishment’s name or logo rather than wearing a surgical mask. 

You show your effort in being sustainable. Check here why is this so important and how to do it so your profit can increase. 

Invest in your image and team. 

2. Enforce time slots for your guests 

This was the most interesting thing that I had experienced while in Germany. When you make a reservation or just come to a place without one they inform you that you have two and a half hours for your stay. 

It’s a genius idea. This way you can ensure you have a constant flow for your tables, especially for a busy place. 

Exceptions can apply for big groups or guests with certain needs, like organizing a business meeting. For this thing you will get a call before anyway so you will be prepared. 

3. Grow your image

People are more aware now than ever if a restaurant, bar, cafe is clean, shining with small sparkles like the ones in cartoons. 

Grow your image and reviews by displaying this. Be as fast as possible, clean and disinfect the tables, chairs, and keep an eye on the details. Make sure you clean the salt and pepper shakers as well, everything that was touched. 

Photo by cottonbro on

If you have more ideas, write them down, I am eager to learn more. 

Please keep in mind that all this is written from a personal perspective and personal experiences!

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