3 tips to make recycling easy

To celebrate recycling day we will share ideas for the hospitality industry to make it easier for them to do so. We will recycle,  reuse and reduce. You can also check this post about recycling with more details.


The first part is taken care of in most countries since all businesses have to separate their trash so it can be easily recycled, so we will share some ideas of reusing this “trash”. When reclining keep in mind the rules of your country and what you can and can’t put in. If you want to go one step ahead and some of your trash can’t be separated by your local provider but there are other partners and businesses that can take over, just go ahead and work with them as well. For example, if you make coffee, your coffee grounds can be used to grow mushrooms or as fertilisers, some farms might want to work with you. 


Here depends a lot on your type of location. If it is something more casual, friendly, not 5 stars and all suits you can for example reuse your bottles and make them candle holders or vases. Arts and crafts are your friends. You can always have crazy mugs or glasses that you made and so on. Straws out of pasta for example are something better than plastic. Your imagination is the limit here. 


Here is a different story. Make sure you know your business flow, needs and requirements. You need to know how many customers you would have in a day in order to order just the right amount of product so you won’t have waste. 

Good luck and happy recycling!

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