Tips for cooking with less salt and sugar

Why is too much salt bad for us?

Actually, there are studies that show  the way that salt affects us is mostly genetically based. It is true that an excess is not good, but to be fair, any type of excess in not good.  

That is why I will not say why salt is not good for us. if you want to know the effect off consuming salt will have on your body I suggest you go see a doctor. If you have a heart condition the higher the chances that eating too much salt might affect you. 

But with these 6 tips we might make it easier for you to avoid salt consumption. 

  1. Use lots of herbs and spices. Feel free to experiment, but do not opt ​​for a spice mix with salt the easiest way is to make your own mix! 
  2. Opt for a low- sodium salt  or choose products that have a naturally salty taste, but that have no added salt. 
  3. Use umami making to still create that salt effect. Umami can be found in ripe tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, peas, peppers, seaweed and fermented products such as Kimchi.
  4. Switching to lemon juice replaces the taste of salt in many dishes. And it is healthy too. Usually one teaspoon will do. 
  5. Use fresh, unprocessed products as much as possible . For example, make your pasta sauce yourself!
  6. Soy sauce is often mentioned and a very good salt substitute. But 

Why is too much sugar bad for us?

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Unfortunately nowadays it is hard to avoid sugar. You can find it in almost everything. 

Experts believe that sugar consumption is a major cause of obesity and many chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes.

There are a lot of effects that too much sugar can have on your body like gaining weight, increasing the risk of heart disease, acne, depression, diabetes, it can drain your energy and so on. 

But with these 6 tips we might make it easier for you to avoid sugar consumption. 

  1. Cut back on sugar filled drinks like sodas, canned coffees, energy drinks, sport drinks and so on. Make your own at home. Instead of sodas opt for a fruity sparkling water. 
  2. Avoid store sauces and make your own, be creative!
  3. Eat whole foods and cook from scratch.
  4. Read labels and compare products. 
  5. Consider natural sweeteners like: stevia. 
  6. Get enough sleep and don’t shop when you are hungry!

But in the end, we should not be that drastic, we can not do without salt or sugar so do not take this like you shout take it out of your diet.

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