Make money outside the job- workers style

Those are strange times we are living in now. For this industry is especially hard in this corona time, but this can be changed. Of course those methods can be used in less stressful and uncertain times for some extra money, depending on how much you wanna work for it, if you really like this job and you want to invest your time try some of these alternative activities. 

To be honest, you won’t suddenly become famous or swim in a pool of money, but you will see some improvement in your budget. 

Keep in mind that taking a break and caring for your mental health is really important as well, so don’t overwork yourself to the point of destruction.

You can do this as a bartender, chef, barista, waiter, you name it. Adjust the ideas to your style and go from there. 

Let’s make more money!

1. Parties or events 

Maybe you already have a location that you are working at, but you still have some free time and want to make more money. Apply to events and/ or parties. I used to do this in my free weekends or evenings. Parties and events pay a lot of money for one day or just some hours of work. Also for bigger events like festivals sometimes I would take a free weekend.  

Keep in mind, sometimes they will not pay you with money but you can have free access to the festival, food, a hotel room and so on. So if you are into that kind of lifestyle, applying for a festival will also make some beautiful memories. 

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Personally, I like getting paid so I never worked a festival that only paid in “ everything else but money”. 

A tip, make sure you have a written agreement, you don’t  want to have problems collecting your benefits. 

2. Create recipes

Use your imagination to your own advantage. If you do not want to create a special platform for this, you can use some of the existing ones like Fiverr. Explain what you can do, what experience you have, post your profile and wait. 

Again, you ain’t getting rich like this but it’s a nice side income. 

You can check my profile here for some references.  


3. Trainings

If you are really good at your job, share your experience with others and make some extra money with this. Either have an online training or rent a location and get to work. It does take some preparation and logistics before, like creating a subscription or event for this and seeing how many people would be interested. You can give at the end a diploma, or proof that a training was done, but this depends on what you want to offer.

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4. Online content 

Welcome to the easiest one, but time consuming. Have a blog, create videos about your job, how to create cocktails, talk about the difficulties of the profession, share funny stories. Use whatever platform you feel more comfortable with. Share it with you friends and grow from there. 

Depending on the platform you use, subscription type, view, number of subscribers you can monetize the content. Although this might be hard it is rewarding. Even if you do not get this far, using this method will create a lot of visibility that you can use to get a better job in a better location, for example. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Good luck out there and never give up! 

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