Uniforms- What to think about them?

Such a tasty and controversial topic. Are uniforms good or bad? Are they useful? Are they a must?

Well my response is: it depends! Let’s answer these questions.

Uniforms- good or bad?


They can serve multiple purposes. They are definitely part of your identity. A unique image will leave a long lasting impression on guests. Is like a logo for a website. This creates a sense of unity. 

On the other side, uniforms are limiting self- expression. And I find this to be true as well. I had to wear a uniform 5 days out of 7 and I found myself sad that I couldn’t have a fashion show every time I was coming to work. In the two days that you are free you are too tired to do anything and the only clothes you are using are pyjamas. You can save some good money working having to wear a uniform. 

Another minus that I give for this apparel is that it is not evolved enough , but here is mainly society’s fault. The majority is not open enough to see boys wearing dresses and feeling good about it or seeing girls that are wearing a 3 piece suit and rocking it. Unfortunately it is the other way around, girls are getting stuck in a dress or skirt because “it is girly, it accentuates your natural forms “ and boys have to wear pants cuz other way their penis will fall off and their voice will suddenly be high pitched. Now, isn’t this stupid…? Make it unisex everybody is wearing pants. End of story. 

Although , if you want to be a trendsetter let them choose what they want to wear. Have your team choose and make sure you can protect them. Make it so that your guests are aware of the house rules, kick them out if they are being negative towards one of your employees. You will create a good image for your business and you will attract people from different crowds without having negative energies from people that have a lower acceptance rate than Stanford University with their candidates. 

Are uniforms useful? 

I usually ask this question with yes

I do think in this business, employees should have a uniform. The level of elegance is adjustable. It can be a shirt or a T-shirt, suite pants or jeans. They create the idea of unity. They can build your identity. They can work for you in the sense that people will remember your location as being elegant, serious, well maintained. 

Excellence stays in details. You can add a name tag that has not only the employee’s name(real or fake) but also your location’s name/logo. You can add an apron that brings your uniform together, it can be part of it. I consider aprons important because they can be changed easily and they help you look clean and put together. Also, if they have pockets they are a good place to store objects. 

Shoes should fit the style of your location and uniform. But most importantly they need to be comfortable. 

 Are they a must?

I will say yes to this one as well but I will add this. 

It really depends on your business team on what level of sophistication you will go with your uniform. I found the Bavarian dresses as uniform visually appealing and they also help with the history of the place. I also find a neat black T-shirt and an apron working as well. 

Photo by Mat Reding on Pexels.com


  1. Invest in your uniform. This is an investition in your image! 
  1. You can make some money with it. Make it so that people can buy it if they want. Maybe they want an apron like they saw on your employees. From my own experience, this happened to me, people asked me if they can buy an apron like mine while working in a coffee shop, unfortunately the location didn’t have any extras, but you can make some side money with it. 

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