The Future of Hospitality

This is an interesting subject that needs more attention.

This week I attended the “future of tourism and hospitality” conference and I am here to share with you what we discussed. 

There were a lot of keynote speakers and it was an amazing experience.

Let’s start with what I learned and let’s see what the future trends will be in this industry. 

1. Sustainability 

This has two focus areas: your business and the society around.

If you are interested in how to be sustainable in your business, we covered  this subject at large here and this is a summary.

Make sure all of these points are included in your business plan so your location will have a sustainable vision: order from local farmers/shops or make it your own, no single use supplies, transport of products and probably the most important make an assessment of your current situation. 

It is also important to teach society around you the importance of sustainability. You can be smart about it and make some money on the side as well, though this is not the important thing about this message

2. Be open to change 

This is the hardest thing to do because people have a gag reflex every time they hear that things are about to change.

A lot of owners are fearing technology, although the use of it will decrease cost and attract more customers. 

If you can include in this area the use of alternative types of energy it will increase your profit as well as your reputation and number of customers. You can make sure the take away drivers are using electric bikes instead of cars for example. 

This subject will be the foundation of the future in your evolution as a business. The way you react to change will pave the way to success. We need to seek to evolve and be better as fast as we can. 

3. Focus on locals

After 2020 we saw how unpredicted events can change the way we do things. Traveling is changing and you should be on the side of change. A lot of bans will be implemented, airlines affected and the way we are traveling now it will drastically change. 

One thing that remains the same are your “locals”. The traveling will change more towards “inside your own borders”, domestic traveling. Even if your location is in a touristic area and in the past you were focusing your location on tourists now it is the time to change that, focus your products and prices on the local community. 

4. Last minute bookings

Be opened to this concept. Usually people are planning their trip and what to see and where to go, what to eat and where to drink. Unfortunately this is changing because of these uncertain times. People will start traveling spontaneous so make sure you are open to last minutes bookings and longer visits. 

5. Virtual hospitality 

The prediction of the conference is that travel will change so drastically in the future, a new pandemic might happen as well, there will definitely be a recession so we need to adapt and this is where technology comes in handy. Multiple streams of income, this should be your focus and the virtual space is just another place where you can get that. 

We can help you figure out what you need, check our services. 

A bonus tip

Use worlds that attract people like “bucket list”. After all of those “staycations” people will be looking for adventure.

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