Extra partnerships for your location

Extra partnerships equals extra money

Now this might not work for every particular location but all locations and establishments can have something extra to make some money. 

You can use your actual location, the walls of your establishment too can make some money. 

Now let’s see how we can make that happen.

1. Make a Show

A stand up comedy show, some live music, poetry, presentations or even live reading sessions, a book reveal. 

Make sure you organize an event that fits your location type. 

If you are having a bar organise a show of live music or stand up. If you have a cafe, organize a poetry day, a live reading session some live music might work as well.

The options are multiple and you can also use your imagination to organize something special.

Now, the way you make money is either from the event itself, this will bring more people in, you can give the table by reservation only, you can make a fixed menu that has to be bought, you can leave it for free and this way pack your place with new guests. 

You can charge the artists, though I am not a fan of that because this is a way for them to make money as well. Let them put an entrance fee or to be able for them to have a donation box so they can get something in return as well and like that you will not have to pay them. 

Use local artists, they will appreciate the chance.

Now lean back and let them bring you extra guests. 

2. About art

Use your walls to make some money, rent them. A lot of locations have their walls full of pictures or paintings that guests can buy. 

Again, I am still opposed to bill the artists. The way you can make extra money with this move is to market the exposition, make it known and this will attract all the art loving people in your location. 

3. Trainings

Now this might not be for everybody but you can also use your location after or before your working hours. 

Rent your bar and offer people a place where they can organize a training for new bartenders, waiters or even something else that just needs your location.

Pretty easy!

Go get the money! 

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