Gordon’s Gin History

We will do this in fast forward, because we don’t want to board you with too much writing. 

  1. First of all Gordon’s is made by the British spirit company called Diageo. This brand was first produced in 1769. Now this is a drink with a history. 

  1. The first distillery that he built was in  Southwark, London. 

  1. This gin was developed by Alexander Gordon all the way back in 1769. Since then things about it have changed, but never it’s original recipes. 

  1. The Tanqueray and Gordon’s family merged to create the Tanqueray Gordon & Co, the world largest gin production. 

  1. They had ups and downs in their production. Gin was popular in the 1900 but slowly losing places to another clear spirit – vodka. In this time new gin distilleries appeared so the competition was getting harder and Gordon’s gin was feeling it in their sales and exports. 

  1. Since then,  Gordon’s has had a revival. New flavours were added, the elderflower one and the rose gin are one of people’s favourites. 

This is all that we want to tell you about them, you can see more about the world number one best selling gin here

In honour of this magical drink, we dedicated this month to them. We created all new cocktail recipes with all of the flavoured gins that they are heaving. 

  1. Gordon’s London Dry Gin
  2. Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin
  3. Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon Distilled Gin
  4. Gordon’s Mediterranean Orange Gin
  5. Gordon’s White Peach Gin
  6. Gordon’s Elderflower Dry Gin
  7. Gordon’s Crisp Cucumber Dry Gin
  8. Gordon’s Sloe Gin

Let’s get to it. 

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