Food vision- Why and How to make one

In my vision we have 3 pillars

Sustainability, Social impact and Health .

Why and what to do with a “Food vision”?

The what is simple: advertise. Make your message clear, and the steps that you are taking even clearer. This will attract different guests that are not aware of your restaurant and just add to your pool of customers. 

Let’s explain the WHY and the HOW TO. 

Let’s start with the easiest one, health. We want our food to be healthy, we want it to make us feel better, feel like we are doing something to improve the way we are eating, but we don’t really go for the better version when we have to choose. It is hard to change our habits. 

Another problem in today’s society are the prices. Tasty foods that are not necessarily a good fit for our eating goals are more affordable. So even if you are determined to eat healthier, your budget may stop you from doing so. 

Another reason for not choosing the healthier version is taste. Usually when we think about a better version of food we also think about how blant they taste. But this has to change. There are so many condiments, natural ones that can spice up your food. 

Regarding a restaurant, cafe or even bar the healthy food needs to be affordable and tasty. Give the opportunity to your chef to make something as a special dish that is like a signature dish for your place. Or trust your bartender that he can make the tastiest drink without using syrups, or added sugar. 

Also a food vision is about what you want to focus your menu on. What is the theme for your food and drink selection, what makes you more profit. Keep this in mind when you make your selection and don’t overwhelm guests with a lot of choices. You can click here to find out more about how to build a menu. 

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The second important factor of your vision should be sustainability. There are a lot of big establishments that will just roll their eyes at this, but their customers are dying and I mean this literally, because they are in the older spectrum and this means that their locations are slowly loosing. The truth is the trend is going in that direction, better late than never. This is a long subject that we presented in detail here. But some few pointers in how to do it: less waste(a recycling program), reduce water use, by local and seasonal.

We are here at the third pillar of our vision and this is social impact. This includes how you recruit people and how you pay them, how you make contacts with your suppliers (you should support local business), how open and transparent you should be about where you get all your supplies. One small little thing that you can do before all of this is to invest in your location. You should start with this and from here just to grow. 

Heaving a defined vision for your place is the key to success. Of course you can adjust and change it to fit your needs. It is easy to make it and you should involve your team and build one together. 

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