How to battle your hangover

We all know that nasty feeling. Waking up  after a night of heavy drinking. Your muscles are sore, you feel like vomiting even though you did not eat, your head hurts, you smell bad and you are extremely thirsty. You feel less of a person and more like a ghost.

We put together some tips that will help you feel better. 

1. Get rid of the “throw up” feeling

A lot of people, the first thing they do after waking up from a night of drinking is to jug water and  sometimes this will make you feel sicker than helping. I know it makes me feel worse. Instead of doing that I am opening a ginger beer and I am drinking that. It helps with the nausea. If you want to find more about the benefits of ginger beer, you can read it here. 

I feel like drinking ginger beer is more helpful than just water first thing in the morning. 

2. Put some food in that belly

I know, sometimes it is hard even to think about eating, just the thought of food is gonna get in a down spiral straight to “vomit town”. Unfortunately for you,  you have to get over it, because in the end this is something that will make you feel better. Try eating some toast with cheese, some rice, oats, bananas, anything that you can keep down.

3. Introduce the fluid of life- water

When you are sure you will not make consecutive trips to the bathroom, add some water after you finish what you are eating. It is really important to rehydrate and shake that “ rains” feeling that your body has. Make sure you drink plenty of water, but not all at once, the nausea may come back this way. 

If you are not a fan of water, well try adding some natural juices now. Again, do not be greedy and drink it all at once. You should have some fluids that are rich in electrolytes. 

You can add tea in the battle against hangovers. Try drinking some chamomile or ginger tea. I prefer to make a mix of fresh ginger and mint tea with chamomile. 

4. Vitamins and aspirin

If you have a complex of vitamins that you usually take , make sure you do not skip it that day. If you don’t usually take vitamins , you should add a supply of B and C. 

If your head is pounding add an aspirin in the mix. 

5. Sleep it over

Sometimes your hangover is so bad that you just need more rest. Eat, hydrate, have a shower and go bag to bed.

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