Trends in the food and beverage industry

Less meat more plant- base

This might be something that a lot of you will not want to hear, but this is a trend, a lot of restaurants are cutting down on “the meat”. Some are doing it to cut on costs, some are doing it because of society. 

The pressure from new generations to change the way we live, and this includes the way we eat, is serious and powerful. Location owners should not take it lightly, at some point, not too far in the future, the guests that you have now and are so stuck in their ways are going to die. 

Even if the consumption of meat will not be extinct, it will be reduced, and you should hoop on this train as soon as possible. 


Recycling, zero-waste and awareness of the environment changes. The food and beverage industry will have to be inventive and make this happen. They should implement this in all of the processes they have. 

Be mindful of how you transport your provision, how much you throw, how much you can recycle and how you can do so better.

We made a guide to help you with this and you can read more about it here.

Buy local

We should make sure the little companies around us can grow as well. You can also make sure you buy from farmers rather than the big providers. 

Although it may be more expensive in the long run, you can advertise your supply chain and make sure people know your location is an important pawn in your community, this will bring new guests in.

Do not mess it up!

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