About milk allergy

Food allergy is an abnormally strong immune system reaction to proteins in our food. It is a form of food hypersensitivity. Can occur instantly, within seconds or in a few hours.  

It is not food poisoning. 

Food intolerance is when the reaction happens later and it lasts longer and it’s just uncomfortable. It happens when your body has difficulty digesting. 

We made a list with all main food allergies and more information on this subject and you can find it and read all about it here. 

Now, what about milk allergy? 

Most common is the allergy to cow’s milk but this doesn’t mean lactose intolerance. To be lactose intolerant it means that you can tolerate the proteins but can’t digest the lactose properly. 

Possible cross-reactivity with: other types of milk. 

Symptoms of the allergy. hives, itching or tingling feeling around the mouth, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, shortness of breath, vomiting. 

Avoiding milk and milk products is the primary treatment for milk allergy. Read the labels of the products you are buying really careful. Make sure if you eat or drink outside, at a restaurant or café,  you ask the right questions about the ingredients that you can’t have. You want to hear a definitive answer about the contents of the products you are just about to order. 

Because a milk allergy differs so much from a person that is being lactose intolerant that means lactose free milk will do you no good. An alternative to milk products is plant based “milk”. Delicious and way easier to access now. You can get vegan cheese that has no milk, can switch to soy based yogurt and so on. 

Take care of yourself!

We are not a medical page, so we will not offer any advice on what and how you should treat your condition, please visit your doctor if you encounter any symptoms!

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