About NIO cocktails

A relatively new concept: already made cocktails straight at your home.

No fuss no mess.

It is an interesting concept and it is something that you should try. NIO is one of the companies that are making them but not the only one. 

As a professional bartender and mixologist I will always prefer the fresh self made cocktails but I do have an advantage over the others. I do know how to. If you are inexperienced with making cocktails and you want to impress.

The way it works with them is to select how many cocktails you want- between 3, 6 and 9. Then you select the mixes that you want and from there you wait for your delivery. It is pretty easy. 

The idea is intriguing. I have to say it got my attention as well. I do see a future in this business especially during this time.  You should give them a try, or wait until we will have our own line! 

You can check more and see what flavours and mixes they have here. 

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