Cutting someone off from drinking

Go home… you are drunk!

This is one of the most unpleasant things to do, no matter the position you are in, as a bartender, manager, waiter, it is always uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous, because you do not know how the drunk asses will react.  

Best situation is when you see they are already intoxicated and before they’re taking a seat you invent an excuse on how you have no tables left. Even if your bar is empty, it is better not to have this kind of guest. They will annoy others and more times than not they are loud and acting like jerks. 

It would be best to invest in a security team, or a bouncer, but if this is not the case, maybe just because your establishment has little problem with drunk people there are still ways to train your staff to take the right action in those cases. 

Some steps that might make this situation easier.

1. Do not make one person responsible

Make this a team problem. You will feel better as an individual if you know that you will have someone to back you up in case of problems. 

2. Blame an external source

In order for them not to be aggressive towards you, use my favorite excuse: “we are constantly under inspection from the police and liquor administration”. This will take the “blame” from you and will make them feel like they need to stop or get out. Excuse yourself, add that it is not in your power to do anything about it and, here it is the perfect recipe to cut someone off. 

3. More aggression will not solve the problem

If you come off too hard on drunk people, they will usually become violent, physically or verbally, and we do not want more spectacle in our locations. Be friendly towards them, I know it makes me vomit as well, but it is better to be civilized then have a “wanna be” MMA fight. 

4. “Add Water” 

This is also an efficient way especially if you need to gain more time. You don’t tell them you cut them off, you just tell them they need to drink a glass of water first and then you  will talk again. Usually this makes them want to leave or bring them to their senses and their speed in consuming alcohol lowers. 

Another way to make them less drunk is to offer them a snack on the house. Something like dry bread and with a glass of water, they will become less loud in seconds. 

When dealing with a group try to find the sober or least drunk from all of them and make them responsible for the action of the group. You can again use the excuse from number 2 with them and explain that you can’t serve them anymore. Make sure you separate that one person from the group. You can nicely ask them to come with you because you need their advice and present the situation. 

6. The “NINO-NINO”

This is a last resort type of situation. If none of the methods presented here worked and the drunk people are still a problem call the police. To let the assholes know that you’ve done so. Usually they leave and don’t wait for the police to come but do not base your action on this, actually call the police.

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