Champagne vs Prosecco

Lets see what is what and why one of them is more expensive. 

Let’s start with region and grapes

Champagne comes from the Champagne region in France, and Prosecco from Veneto in Northern Italy, so that is pretty easy to remember. But this placement makes a big difference in the taste of the grapes. 

The grapes that are used in the process of making a prosecco are from the Glera grape variety.

Now, champagne is more complex, it can be blended or single. The grapes that can come in use in the process of making this drink are: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

Another difference is the method of production.

By this we mean the process of making the wine sparkling. In both cases the wines are going through a second fermentation. There are two ways to do this: traditional method and the tank method.

In the process of making the prosecco the tank method (most often)  is used. Yeast is added, along with sugars, to the base wine and the second fermentation begins. The CO2 is trapped in the sealed tank and this is the process that makes this wine fizzy. 

Now, champagne is “more complex”. They use the traditional method. That means the fermentation happens in the bottle, yeast is added along with sugars (liqueur de tirage). The bottles are then positioned facing down in a rack so the yeast is accumulating in the neck of the bottle. After the fermentation is done, the neck of the bottle is frozen and the dead yeast cells are released. This process is called disgorgement. This process has an effect on the taste of the wine as well. The wine is then resealed and left to age; for non-vintage, it must be aged a minimum of 18 months, for vintage it is three years.

Flavours are something that differentiate these drinks as well. 

Because of these two different methods of making the wines, their flavors are unique.

Primary flavors that you can find in a champagne are: peach, toast, citrus, white cherry, almond. 

Primary flavors that you can find in a prosecco are: green apple, honey melon, pear, cream, honeysuckle. 

So why is champagne more expensive than prosecco? You know that saying: time costs money.? It’s because the process of making champagne takes more time and sometimes is hand made.

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