3 All Raspberry Cocktails

We all like a theme party, and for us today is all with Raspberry!

Enjoy our 3 mixes!

If you feel overwhelmed by the techniques or terms that we are using check out the free course on bartending. 

Let’s get to it! 



  • 50 ml vodka 
  • 50 ml triple sec
  • 50 ml orange juice
  • Handful of frozen raspberries (10-15) 
  • Garnish: mint leaves


  • Blender
  • Collins glass

The how to 

In your blender add everything except the garnish. Blend it well, por the mix in your glass and garnish with the mint.

Raspberry Cosmo


  • 50 ml vodka 
  • 50 ml Raspberry puree
  • 25 ml lime juice 
  • Ice 
  • Garnish: lime peel


  • Shaker
  • Cocktail strainer
  • Tea strainer
  • Martini glass

The how to 

In your shaker add the vodka, raspberry pure, lime juice, ice and shake well. Double strain it in your glass with no ice and garnish with the lemon peel.

Pink mojito twist


  • 50 ml white rum
  • 3-5 raspberries 
  • 25 ml lime juice
  • 5-7 mint leaves
  • 10 ml raspberry syrup
  • Soda water 
  • Ice 
  • Garnish: extra mint & lime wheel


  • Muddler 
  • Collins glass

The how to 

In your glass add the mint leaves, raspberries and rum, with your muddler press them firmly. Add the raspberry syrup, ice and top the glass with soda water. Use your spoon to stir well. Garnish with the extra mint and lime wheel. 

2 thoughts on “3 All Raspberry Cocktails

  1. I often find cocktails way too sweet, but I’d give your raspberry and rum one a go. I also like the Freeze idea – both seem light on the sugar. I made a mulled wine this Xmas to honor my Norwegian roots. Sadly it was way too sweet! So I posted a modified recipe. It is the opposite of Freeze and has less sugar. If you are interested, here’s the link – https://cookupastory.wordpress.com/2020/12/27/norwegian-glogg/

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