About soy allergy

Food allergy is an abnormally strong immune system reaction to proteins in our food. It is a form of food hypersensitivity. Can occur instantly, within seconds or in a few hours.  

It is not food poisoning. 

We made a list with all main food allergies and more information on this subject and you can find it and read all about it here. 

Now, what about soy allergy? 

In short: 

It is a common food allergy.

Possible cross-reactivity with: other nuts and peanuts.

Symptoms: hives or itching around the mouth, vomiting, stomach cramps, indigestion, dizziness.

In all fairness it is easier today to find out if you are allergic to a certain product than it was before, but even today medics can’t tell you how your body will react if you are exposed to a certain allergen. 

The way we react to it will have different symptoms from person to person. It can have different symptoms in the same person as well, that is why it is so hard to determine a certain reaction. 

As with other food allergies, the best way to manage a soy allergy is to avoid consuming products that contain soy. Sometimes accidents might happen and you should be prepared. If your allergy is serious  you should always have an Epinephrine auto injector (EpiPen) handy. 

Having a soy allergy means avoiding products that contain soy, which can be difficult. Many foods, such as meat products, bakery goods, chocolate and breakfast cereals, may contain soy. Make sure you read the label carefully and, if applicable ask if the product you desire has soy in it. 

Good luck and take care. 


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