The Owners Concept- food and beverage industry

Did you ever have that problem as a manager when your team is acting like they do not care about your location and how they do their job?

Well, we have the solution for this- the owners concept!

For a lot of managers and owners it is hard to give their power away but the intelligent way to do it is to empower others so you make your life less stressful.

If you are the type of leader that wants what is best for the location empowering your team is the way to do it.

The owner’s concept is the way to do it. You do this by training your team and giving them the power to take decisions by themselves and make them understand that mistakes are something normal and they need to own them. Mistakes are nothing to be feared, there are always solutions to them. 

The way I explain this to my clients is like this: when you tell your employees that they are like owners, they have all the responsibilities and power that you have, their mindset is changing. They are working with you and not fearing you or having that sickness in their guts whenever you are making an appearance. This gives them the freedom to make decisions. 

Next time when you have a problem at your location you will see that your employees will work as a team and resolve the situation without involving you. 

To make this more effective have a mission statement. Have a meeting with all of your employees and build a statement that represents what you want to achieve. Work together in finding what is it that defines your establishment and what is it that you need to do to make it happen. At the end of this meeting make sure the statement is owned by everyone. 

Good luck and if you need more help feel free to contact us. 

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