The Case Against Shift Drinking

And by that I mean drinking during working hours. I am not against drinking a glass or a shot of something after hours. The cheap a*s managers and owners that will demand money from their employees for food, coffee or even a glass of wine, they are just the lowest type of people and i stand by it! They are working to bring your business money so the least you can do is to offer them some benefits since you are paying them little to nothing. 

Why is it so bad to drink at work? 

1. It’s expensive.

If everybody from the team will start drinking during working hours and will be doing this constantly, this will make a hole in your budget.  At the end of the day, it’s the owners’ profit that is going “bye bye” .

To avoid this you can explain the rules like: they can have a drink after hours, you will not pay for their friends drinks and so on. Tho there are situations that you should allow them to drink drunk hours, like having toast with the regular guests, especially if they ask you to., some will fill their glass with water and just pretend, this is even better if you manage to do it. 

Having a stable way of making an inventory is also really important, because this will be a way of monitoring the situation. 

 2. It nurtures addiction

Some people may have problems with restricting themselves and you do not want to make it easier for them to get their “fix”. The point is that if a person starts drinking every day and feels good about it , this might develop an addiction that is not going to help either parties. 

 3. Liability 

This is something that depends on the country, but in some of them, the location can be liable for the employees behaviours. For example if they drink and get drunk during work and then they commit a felony the location might be liable for that person’s actions, and nobody wants that. 

4. Doesn’t look good

Would you feel good in a place where the bartenders are drunk or the waiters are smelling like alcohol? Will you trust that place, will you come back? The answer is “no”. Appearance is important in this business so making sure you are leaving a good first impression and by keeping your team off the booze during working hours is an important step.

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