9 Things you need to know before becoming a bartender

1. You ain’t gonna start in the front

Unfortunately this is the reality for most places. You have to work your way through from bottom to top. And no worries you will do the same to the new employees. 

Be prepared to clean all the counters, restock the bar, and have all the crappy shifts.

Good luck on making your way to the top!

2. Work experience over bartending courses

They will be useful, a good way to start but having work experience will actually make a difference. Working will do you more good than spending money on a course.

You can check our free basic course to get you started.

A bit of advice is to find a location that is willing to train you. One on one training will be more helpful than 10 courses! 

Good luck and get that experience! 

3. It’s like a constant work out

If you don’t like a physically demanding job, then this is not for you. You will get exhausted both physically and psychologically. 

A pro tip: get comfortable shoes. 

4. What about social life?

You will not have one. No, no, no it’s not that dramatic! You will be working most of the time when your friends are out partying. 

This is mostly in the beginnings, when you have to take all the bad shifts. It will get better in time, you will get used with the fact that this is your new lie and you will adapt. 

5. Pick your scene

Being a bartender in a restaurant, bar or club it is really different. Make sure you know what you want. Make your research and see what suits you. 

6. Save half of your tips

Now this is a smart move for your future. Some days might be good, some days will suck. Being smart about your money will help you navigate through bad times. 

Keep in mind in some countries you have to pay taxes on your tips. 

7. Have multiple money streams

I can’t stress this enough. You need to widen the way you make money. Use the online to put out content, give training ( once you have some experience), do private events,  take a business course and become a bar manager as well. 

8. Mental health is important

To give 100% to this job. It is really important to have your head in the game. Make sure you are ok with yourself. This job is demanding on this side as well. If you are not comfortable with people flirting with you, being rude or entitled you will have a hard time dealing with it. 

9. Have balance

Don’t give up on your social life. Make sure you have balance between work, relaxing and a healthy social life. It will be hard in the beginning. You will feel so tired that the only thing that you will want is to sleep until noon. 

If it’s too much for you all at once, take a break, pick less shifts and have some time for yourself.

Good luck out there!

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