Build your perfect Bartender resume

4 Tips to build a perfect resume

First a personal opinion is not to use a CV builder, rather make it your own and if you really want to use one, make sure it looks good. The logo of the resume builder should not be bigger than your own name, because people want to hire you, not the platform that you built your CV on. 

Second, do not use the typical format. Put your skills first and make them visible. Make sure you emphasize them, make your application stand out. You can use bullet points for the important ones like: menu development, flaring, POS expertise.  After you can add the places you worked with a short description (not more than 2 rows). 

Relevant experience or skills can be built in other places as well, for example working as a barista or waiter can build experience as well, so don’t be shy to add that. 

Third, add a new section called accomplishments. This is the place to add your competitions, diplomas, and if you invested in a bartending license you can add it here. You can add here courses that you finished as well. 

Fourth, goes without saying you need to be presentable. Do not get to your interview drunk and make sure you read a bit about their business before, most probably they will have a website so check it before getting there. If you really want to surprise them, read their review, see what other people are saying about this place. 

Before you get to the interview, if you are a beginner, make sure you know your basic cocktails and tools. You can check our free bartending course and refresh your memory. 

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