Happy boss- Happy life

Well this will never happen, because for some God damn reason our bosses will find the tiniest thing not to be happy with us. But this is normal, if you have a manager that has to raise the location to the owners usually unreachable standards and if you have an owner as supervisors you will have a lot of micromanagement happening. 

My solution to this is to be proactive and not to take their outburst personally. Instead of waiting to be told what to do and get annoyed by that, just do it from your own initiative. It is easier and better for your mental health to be a “Do-er” rather than a pleaser. 

Do not get demotivated if your initiatives are not noticed. It is normal, a lot of untrained managers and wonders see these actions as a threat to their jobs. 

Tips to make your life at work easier:

1. Micro-management – ignore it

I do this every time. I am aware that this comes from uncertainty and not a lot of experience as a manager so I say “yes” do it and forget about it. You can use your own intuition and experience to assess the situation and think if it is a necessary action or not. 

2. “Volunteer” to do extra chores 

This will give you extra points. It might not sit well with everybody to work extra, but I found this method useful because it creates trust and dependence.

3. Go the extra mile

Come a bit earlier at work, prepare the working line without being told, take initiative. 

4. Acknowledge mistakes

Nobody likes the “ cat and mouse” game. If you make a mistake, acknowledge and come up with a solution. 

5. Celebrate achievements

It’s a mood boost for everybody. After a heavy day it’s always nice to say something to your team and even to your boss like “ it was a good day to make money”. If you got a good review share it and be proud of it.

Good luck with this! And keep in mind, don’t take it personal! 

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