How to avoid a hangover

In 5 easy steps

We already told you how to manage your hangover and what steps you should take to get rid of it, you can find all about it here. Now, let us tell you how to avoid one. 

1. Hydrate

And by that I do not mean add more booze. Make sure you drink plenty of water along with your alcohol. My favourite ratio is a 1:1 alcohol to water, in other words make sure after each glass of booze you have a glass of water. 

2. Eat healthy fats

A good meal before having a night of party is always a good idea. You should make sure in that meal you include some healthy fats like avocados, walnuts, almonds and so on. 

3. Avoid drinks with a high level of congeners 

Whiskey and cognac are on this list, though they might be your favourite if you drink too much they will defensively give you headaches. 

Congeners are mostly found in the dark coloured alcoholic drinks. 

4. Step up your game

Sometimes the cheaper drinks will make your head explode the morning after just because of the way that they are made, with a lot of harmful ingredients. 

Make sure you know the brand of  spirit that the bar that you are going at is using and if you already had a bad experience with it choose something else. 

Better to invest in something good that will not make you feel like your head is exploding. 

5. Drink in moderation

Now this is something that should be understood from the beginning. If you are about to drink an entire bottle of vodka alone, there are bound to be some hangover symptoms the morning after. Know your limit and don’t stretch it.

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