3 tasty Gin and Ginger ale cocktails

These two go together like bread and butter! What is ginger ale? This is simple. A carbonated soft drink flavoured with ginger. It is sweeter than a  ginger beer. There are two types of ginger ale: golden style and dry style ( less of a ginger flavor, pale in color).  If you want to knowContinue reading “3 tasty Gin and Ginger ale cocktails”

3 best Ginger Beers for cocktails

I will start by saying that this is a personal view on the specific taste of each ginger beer. Again, personal taste, that means no snarky comments on how my personal taste is “wrong”.  Keep in mind if you want a drink that is strong do not use a ginger beer as a mixer, thisContinue reading “3 best Ginger Beers for cocktails”

All about ginger beer

But first an introduction in the ginger world (and if you want to see more about ginger and ginger beers check Spicy Root.) Ginger- a magic root with superpowers. But what is it? Ginger is part of the Zingiberaceae family, alongside cardamom and turmeric. It is found easily in India, Jamaica, Fiji, Indonesia, and Australia.Continue reading “All about ginger beer”

3 Smoked Beer Cocktails

First of all, what is smoked beer? It’s like a liquid grill. The flavour comes from the malted barley dried over an open flame. It does take some time to adjust to the taste but once you get it, it’s delicious! We made 3 Smokey cocktails  to get you started in this chapter.  Let’s getContinue reading “3 Smoked Beer Cocktails”

3 Dark beer cocktails

For those cocktails you can use any dark beer/stout  you like. Whichever is your preferred one.  Let’s get to it.  If you feel overwhelmed by the techniques or terms that we are using check out the free course on bartending.  Soft and sweet Ingredients  Dark beer/ stout 50 ml rum 50 ml Butterscotch schnapps Tools Continue reading “3 Dark beer cocktails”

The short history of beer

It is hard to pinpoint an exact time of the first appearance of beer, but the earliest proof that we found was in what we call now Iran,  3400 B.C. Now this is proof that people like drinking from the beginning of times.  The popularity of alcoholic drinks was driven by the uncertain quality ofContinue reading “The short history of beer”

Happy boss- Happy life

Well this will never happen, because for some God damn reason our bosses will find the tiniest thing not to be happy with us. But this is normal, if you have a manager that has to raise the location to the owners usually unreachable standards and if you have an owner as supervisors you willContinue reading “Happy boss- Happy life”

3 Jello Cocktails

What we can use:  Gelatine sheets: 4 gelatine sheets are the equal of 1 tablespoon of gelatine powder. Flavoured gelatine is always an option. Instead of making the clear gelatine taste with syrups and juices you can just use one that has a taste. We like being extra so we will add to it anyway. Continue reading “3 Jello Cocktails”

3 Foamy Vegan Cocktails

Being vegan is more than avoiding meat. You have to be careful in what you eat, drink, use on your skin, etc. You can read more about a vegan life here.  We made 3 delicious vegan cocktails, because being vegan doesn’t mean you have to be boring or tasteless. In truth, the majority of cocktailsContinue reading “3 Foamy Vegan Cocktails”