Happy boss- Happy life

Well this will never happen, because for some God damn reason our bosses will find the tiniest thing not to be happy with us. But this is normal, if you have a manager that has to raise the location to the owners usually unreachable standards and if you have an owner as supervisors you willContinue reading “Happy boss- Happy life”

3 Foamy Vegan Cocktails

Being vegan is more than avoiding meat. You have to be careful in what you eat, drink, use on your skin, etc. You can read more about a vegan life here.  We made 3 delicious vegan cocktails, because being vegan doesn’t mean you have to be boring or tasteless. In truth, the majority of cocktailsContinue reading “3 Foamy Vegan Cocktails”

About bartending schools- yes or no?

In my opinion bartending schools are a no, paying a lot of money for getting the basics is not something you should do.  Instead of paying money for someone to train 10- 20 people and couldn’t offer you specific attention, try finding a job where the bartender can train you one on one.  Bartending courses/schoolsContinue reading “About bartending schools- yes or no?”

About milk allergy

Food allergy is an abnormally strong immune system reaction to proteins in our food. It is a form of food hypersensitivity. Can occur instantly, within seconds or in a few hours.   It is not food poisoning.  Food intolerance is when the reaction happens later and it lasts longer and it’s just uncomfortable. It happens whenContinue reading “About milk allergy”

3 All Strawberry Cocktails

We all like something sweet and today’s special is strawberries. Let’s get to it.  If you feel overwhelmed by the techniques or terms that we are using check out the free course on bartending.  Strawberry candy Ingredients  50 ml vodka 50 ml strawberry liqueur  50 ml white chocolate liqueur  75 ml liquid cream  Ice: crushedContinue reading “3 All Strawberry Cocktails”

3 original Empress Gin cocktails

These are my three favorite Empress gin cocktails. They did a great job in making their own mixes already. You should go check them out here, they are delicious.  Empress gin is something different. This is mostly because of it’s violet color. This color comes from the butterfly pea blossoms. The taste is also somethingContinue reading “3 original Empress Gin cocktails”

Gordon’s Gin History

We will do this in fast forward, because we don’t want to board you with too much writing.  First of all Gordon’s is made by the British spirit company called Diageo. This brand was first produced in 1769. Now this is a drink with a history.  The first distillery that he built was in  Southwark,Continue reading “Gordon’s Gin History”

3 Light Beer Cocktails

For those cocktails we will use any pilsner beer of your choosing. Whatever is your preferred one.  Let’s get to it.  If you feel overwhelmed by the techniques or terms that we are using check out the free course on bartending.  Spicy fiesta  Ingredients  Pilsner beer  50 ml tequila  2-3 drops of tabasco A chiliContinue reading “3 Light Beer Cocktails”

3 Alcohol Infused Treats

If you are looking for some new ways of impressing your friends or just making your party better we come up with some ideas.  Let’s make something tasty here. The traditional gummy bears Well you can actually do this with any kind of jellies. I am a fan of the apple sour loops so thatContinue reading “3 Alcohol Infused Treats”

3 Rose Wine Cocktails

Wine is good on it’s own but we can also make some nice cocktails with it and they will be as delicious as the drink on it’s own.  Regarding which type of wine you have to use, just choose your favorite! Let’s get to it.  If you feel overwhelmed by the techniques or terms thatContinue reading “3 Rose Wine Cocktails”