10 tips to make more money with your menu

You making profit starts with your menu and here are 10 tips to make your business do just that. 1. Business card of your establishment  Treat your menu like an extension of the business. Make sure it captures the prestige of your restaurant, bar, or cafe. You can be inventive or old fashioned but itContinue reading “10 tips to make more money with your menu”

3 tips to make recycling easy

To celebrate recycling day we will share ideas for the hospitality industry to make it easier for them to do so. We will recycle,  reuse and reduce. You can also check this post about recycling with more details. Recycle  The first part is taken care of in most countries since all businesses have to separate their trashContinue reading “3 tips to make recycling easy”

Team power – your human asset

I want to start with these statements because I see them everywhere in this industry and I think society evolved enough to understand that looks don’t matter!  There is one reason why waiters are not allowed to let their hair down or wear jewelry and bright makeup or have a beard.  And that is hygiene.Continue reading “Team power – your human asset”

Recycling and sustainability- the past that should’ve been our future

This is the new future and should have been the past as well. But we are not here to bicker about it, we are here to make money out of making the planet healthier, or at least not adding to today’s pollution ACCORDING TO THE NATIONAL RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION: 65% of restaurant operators have recycling programsContinue reading “Recycling and sustainability- the past that should’ve been our future”