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A bartender in the making

You will find here a full and free training on how to make become a bartender. This is for beginners or to refresh your memory 🙂

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Basic recipes

To make it easier for you, we made a list with the most popular cocktails.

All in one place like we promised!

You can find out more by reading this articles!

More drinks a bartender should know

We put out a list of recipes that will help you grasp the first steps on becoming a bartender. You will find here everything that you need from ingredients, tools and the “how to”.  Keep in mind this is a short list with essentials.

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Inventory Tips

As any “ trained” manager would say: “It is not that hard, just count”, and they couldn’t be more wrong!  We put together some generalities on how to actually train and make an inventory system and you can find it here. 

How to battle a hangover

We all know that nasty feeling. Waking up  after a night of heavy drinking. Your muscles are sore, you feel like vomiting even though you did not eat, your head hurts, you smell bad and you are extremely thirsty. You feel less of a person and more like a ghost

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