A history of Absolut Vodka

A pretty famous drink with a lot of flavours and the power to get you drunk real fast.  In the month of December we talk about Gordon’s Gin and now we dedicated the whole month of January to Absolut vodka and their flavoured drinks.  Let’s find out more about this drink. One of their sellingContinue reading “A history of Absolut Vodka”

The history of Mezcal

Mezcal is a distilled spirit made from the agave plant. Tequila is a type of Mezcal not the other way around like most people would think. There are 3 major differences between the two: they’re produced in different regions, made from different varieties of agave, distilled differently.  Location Oaxaca and Durango are famous for theirContinue reading “The history of Mezcal”

Tips for cooking with less salt and sugar

Why is too much salt bad for us? Actually, there are studies that show  the way that salt affects us is mostly genetically based. It is true that an excess is not good, but to be fair, any type of excess in not good.   That is why I will not say why salt is notContinue reading “Tips for cooking with less salt and sugar”