3 All Raspberry Cocktails

We all like a theme party, and for us today is all with Raspberry! Enjoy our 3 mixes! If you feel overwhelmed by the techniques or terms that we are using check out the free course on bartending.  Let’s get to it!  Freeze! Ingredients  50 ml vodka  50 ml triple sec 50 ml orange juiceContinue reading “3 All Raspberry Cocktails”

About prohibition, bootlegging and moonshine

The United State prohibition from 1920 to 1933 was the legal prevention of the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages and this is how the 18th Amendment. The temperance movement that was widely supported helped in making the prohibition possible.  But will all this stop the people from drinking?  Well as they soon foundContinue reading “About prohibition, bootlegging and moonshine”

3 Homemade Infused Rums- Spices

If you do not want to spend money on flavoured rum, make your own tasty drink at home.  We made three tasty flavoured drinks just for you and today’s team is spices!  Let’s get to it! Cinnamon Rum  Yes , you can just buy this at a store, but it’s better to make it yourContinue reading “3 Homemade Infused Rums- Spices”

The history of Mezcal

Mezcal is a distilled spirit made from the agave plant. Tequila is a type of Mezcal not the other way around like most people would think. There are 3 major differences between the two: they’re produced in different regions, made from different varieties of agave, distilled differently.  Location Oaxaca and Durango are famous for theirContinue reading “The history of Mezcal”

10 Rum Cocktails That You Should Know

This month is all about Rum and we want to end it with this list of known rum cocktails. Even though we love making our own recipes, we like to share with you some classic cocktails If you feel overwhelmed by the techniques or terms that we are using check out the free course onContinue reading “10 Rum Cocktails That You Should Know”

Champagne vs Prosecco

Lets see what is what and why one of them is more expensive.  Let’s start with region and grapes Champagne comes from the Champagne region in France, and Prosecco from Veneto in Northern Italy, so that is pretty easy to remember. But this placement makes a big difference in the taste of the grapes.  TheContinue reading “Champagne vs Prosecco”

15 Drinks a Bartender Should Know

We put out a list of recipes that will help you grasp the first steps on becoming a bartender. You will find here everything that you need from ingredients, tools and the “how to”.  Keep in mind this is a short list with essentials. There are other cocktails out there that are popular and youContinue reading “15 Drinks a Bartender Should Know”

3 Delicious Coffee Cocktails

Coffee is delicious on its own but adding some yamy alcohol in it will make your day even better, especially if you had a bad one.  There are some known coffee cocktails out there like the Irish coffee and Espresso martini, but we are not here to talk about them.  Regarding the coffee, you canContinue reading “3 Delicious Coffee Cocktails”

3 Delicious Iced Coffee Cocktails

We love coffee around here and we like to add a kick to it. For these cocktails you can make your own coffee however you like. Make sure you use it according to the recipe, hot or cold. If you feel overwhelmed by the techniques or terms that we are using check out the freeContinue reading “3 Delicious Iced Coffee Cocktails”

3 spicy cocktails

Let’s add a little spice to it shall we?! Yes, the heat from a chilli pepper can sometimes wake something in us. Some warmness in our cold souls.  We dedicated a whole page for this feeling!  Let’s get to it. If you feel overwhelmed by the techniques or terms that we are using check out theContinue reading “3 spicy cocktails”